Foundations of Chiropractic

art chiropractic philosophy science Feb 06, 2023


The three legged stool of chiropractic is an analogy symbolizing the importance of the three pillars of the chiropractic profession. Chiropractic is a practice built by and strengthened by each leg: science, philosophy and art.


A health model based on proper nervous system function. Pain is only a small part, the main purpose is to enhance nerve function. A chiropractor detects and corrects any interference (subluxation) within the nervous system. Subluxations occur when the bones, muscles or ligaments of the spine are functioning in a less ideal way. These subluxations change the tension and function of the nerves that exit your spine and are in charge of carrying messages to and from your brain! If the messages in are garbage, your brain sends garbage (incorrect) messages out. Correcting these subluxations increases and improves BRAIN FUNCTION. Providing an opportunity for optimal expression of life.
Subluxations that are left un-corrected, over-time, WILL CAUSE changes in posture, brain activation, early spinal degeneration, decreased immune system function, decreased vitality, and altered motor and organ function. Want more cool science? Check out my blog on the 4 underrated benefits of chiropractic adjustments.


I’m constantly saying art is what determines if a practitioner is a technician or facilitator of health. The art pillar of chiropractic is multifaceted. It is the art of communication. The art of connection. The art of a masterful adjustment. An artful adjustment is one that accesses your nervous system with the least effort. This involves removing layers of tension within the body, skillfully, to reveal the root cause of dysfunction. An artful chiropractor finds ease within your system, delivers an adjustment, and provides proper cues for integration. An artful chiropractor personalizes treatment, views the body as the masterpiece it is and is able to use their body sustainably to facilitate health in others.
An artful chiropractor is constantly evolving their approach to the evaluation, adjustment and application of health principles. An artful chiropractor implements the philosophy of chiropractic both professionally and, most importantly, personally.


Chiropractic is built from the foundational belief that the body needs absolutely no help to heal. It just needs no interference. Each and every living thing is driven by innate intelligence, life force which is responsible for organizing, healing, and maintaining normal conditions throughout all of the body’s systems. This intelligence regulates your perfect PH level, regulates thoughtless breathing, or effortless heart beating. If Innate Intelligence is interrupted, the development of injury and illness occurs. Chiropractic gives reverence to the body’s amazing ability to self regulate. It is a root cause profession focusing on liberating your optimal potential rather than masking symptoms of dysfunction


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