Empowerment begins with understanding your potential and taking an active role in your health. Our goal is not to return you to a prior state of being, rather strengthen and renew the body + mind by tapping into the body's innate intelligence. 



we have normalized  an extraordinarily poor relationship back to our nature. Our pursuit of optimal health includes an effort toward educating + empowering a collective rise in consciousness so that our community thrives within nature, instead of fighting that nature that is life itself.



Our care focuses on connection. Connecting the brain and body, connecting to ease, connecting to health and the community at large. Every month, staff and practice members volunteer to give back to the community and be part of the change we wish to see.

Dr. Lisa 

Functional movement and rehab based Chiro

Dr. Lisa serves active adults by fostering wellness, optimal function and advancing performance. She started her movement journey by earning a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Health Science from Saginaw Valley State University with a focus on exercise and pregnancy, strength and conditioning, and athletic performance. She has played rugby on multiple teams in Michigan, Iowa, and England over the last 10 years.



A graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, she served in the Rehabilitation Department, Sports Council, CHC Inc. interdisciplinary facility.

Dr. Lisa chose chiropractic because she whole-heartedly believes that it is the most impactful way to positively influence universal health for people of any background and age. She takes a personalized, WHOLE person approach to care. Because we are whole beings, she attunes to each patient as an integrated mind, body, and spirit. 

Dr. Lisa believes in holding space for her patients and not only allowing, but also expecting a partnership in your health journey. The foundations of who you are are always valued. Your unique health goals are always regarded.

She seizes any opportunity to expand her perspective, which compliments her love for travel, reading, writing, and playing guitar.  She has been a life-long athlete with an extreme passion for functional movement, rugby, crossfit, snowboarding, and all forms of cycling

Dr. Brit

 Dr. Brit is a mother, expansive thinker, heartfelt taurus, embodiment coachchiropractor and speaker who helps individuals and families with challenges related to wellness, purpose and embodied realization. 

I became a chiropractor with one goal in mind: to help people connect with their elevated human capacity, to sweep away the conditions that strip away our gifts and restore our creative, regenerative, and  fully expressed self. 

Outside of serving individuals through chiropractic care, I am a spiritual mentor and NLP practitioner.  My work is centered around increasing self awareness, connecting to the innate wisdom within and guiding you into new

states of being. When we remember everything we already need is within, we can clearly define and stand firm in your values, identify unmet needs, rewire your mindset, master effective communication, strategize aligned action, and restore confidence in the most important areas of your personal and professional life. My work is a multi-dimensional portal, a combination of mindset expansion and nervous system regulation.  The methods I use draw from eastern philosophy, yogic practice, Nonviolent Communication, Neuro-linguistic programming, current research on peak performance/altered states and wisdom from my own personal, spiritual and professional experience. 

"What I have experienced over the past few months through seeing Dr. Brit and receiving adjustments has been nothing short of revolutionary. The adjustments have not only aligned me in the physical, they have released stagnant energy and stories stored within my nervous system. I am reaping the benefits of feeling what it is like to be human."

DECC practice member

"We love Dr. Aly. She is so calming and sweet with my son. She makes the adjustment experience very pleasant and relaxing for an energetic little boy."