We express and experience all of ourselves through the Nervous System. The tension your body holds, the posture it assembles, the movements it expresses are a map of your past and the path to new states of presence. We work with children and adults alike to unwind and interpret the body’s messages. This means better movement, optimal health, improved performance + regulation and fuller expression. 

Chiropractic Care

Helping you heal naturally. We place a high value on the healing and re-connective ability of the chiropractic adjustment to facilitate pain reduction, functional improvement, and life expression.

Gentle spinal adjustments reduce stress related interference to the nervous system and enhances overall body function. 


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Movement Retraining

If you're an athlete wanting to scale your performance, increase your body awareness and coordination, or move from pain to performance we're here for you.  We offer neurocentric movement therapy unlike any other. This includes: 

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 Online Education + Community Hub

We have a membership site with an extensive content library, that is continually updated with movement series, meditations and the latest on recovery + performance. 

Our online community hub has a place for parents, athletes and individuals to connect and grow, together. 

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