Be a Mover Not a Sedentary Exerciser

balance movement mover nature exercise outdoor playful Feb 06, 2023

When starting this post I kept searching for pictures using the words balance, balance on one foot, outdoor movement, and nature exercise. What kept coming up were children on playgrounds, children on balance beams, and children playing hopscotch. It is apparent that we need to put the PLAYFUL back into the adult, sedentary lifestyle.

Before I explain a sedentary exerciser, let me say that I admire all of you exercising, for any length of time and intensity. It can be challenging to develop an active lifestyle but the benefits and increased quality of life are immeasurable!

Sedentary exercisers are those that sit for 6 or more hours during the day and then exercise for 1-2 hours with the idea that the exercise will offset the sitting they do. It is equivalent to eating fast food all day and a perfectly nutritious salad for dinner thinking your diet is healthy. This exercise is still extremely beneficial but 1/24th of the day exercising cannot offset 6 or more hours of daily sitting. 

Frequent movement leads to increased movement skill, capacity, a more efficient body, and prevents injury. The better mover you become, the less equipment you need to exercise. When you are able to fully control and use your body, the more you can simply use gravity, body weight, trees, kettlebells, or a log. This can be difficult to start because we have slowly de-geniused our bodies over time, taking them away from the optimal functioning system they were born to be. Learning to use your body takes time but is valuable and effective for a better functioning body.

The salad and 1-hour exercise are great steps toward a healthier life, but let’s take it to a more beneficial level. For the days you get home from work and want to watch TV with your family because your exhausted, remind yourself that movement revitalizes your current energy! Becoming a mover is not only advantageous for your body, but your mental health, too.

Be a mover, a lifestyle athlete by incorporating fitness and movement into your every day life. Make life an adventure; all mundane tasks can be turned into fun, expressions of movement.

  • Improve your movement, be creative, think outside the box and gym!
  • Start your day off with yoga, running, walking, moving meditation, etc.
  • Bike to work, walk on lunch, bike home.
  • Engage with your family during physical activity, rather than watching TV.
  • DANCE – anywhere, anytime, any way. Move your body with free flow while sweeping the floor, doing the dishes, walking around the house.
  • Do weight or free movement training later in the day.
  • Movement breaks every hour. Yes, every hour for 3-5 minutes. If your boss has any issues, let them know I will come to the office for a health talk.
  • Adopt a standing workstation (WITHOUT using a taller chair to sit in).
  • Vary your position regularly.
  • Sit on the floor. Our hips are not meant to sit 90 degrees…




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